Here’s A Little Story (week 5 Blog)

Everyone loves a story. Stories exist everywhere in our life. Have you heard about how your friend met a girl in a bar last night? That’s a story. How about that news where a man discovered his long-lost family? That’s a story, too.

Of course, advertising also tells us stories. Why do advertising use stories? According to Lin and Chen (2013), advertisers tell stories because they have the power to invite audiences to use their imagination and also to differentiate their products from their competitors (p. 692).

We can agree that a good advertising tells a story, but the best ones are those that do not look like an advertising at all. A good example in my perspective is advertising from Thailand. For me, Thailand is well known for their use of spectacular narratives in their ads; both print and TVC.

Take a look at this print ad from Grey Bangkok for Kiwi Shoe Deodorant for example


This ad tells a simple story that lets the audience think and imagine what it is all about. The concept is simple, but it nails the message very well.

Thailand is also well-known for their touching narratives presented in their TVCs. In their article, Punyapiroje, Morrison, and Hoy (2002) found that Thai consumers’ prefer TV as their main medium, where its combination of sight and sound elicits emotional arousal in audiences who are already emotional from the beginning and they often choose products based on their emotional decision (p.60). An interview in their article confirms that Thai people’s love for emotional advertising is caused by their sensitive nature and they often neglect ads that want them to think too hard (p.62)

If you want to study further about Thai advertising, you can always look up for their emotional advertising on YouTube. However, I found this particular ad from Thai Life Insurance as not only emotional but also evoking as it tells the story of how much Thai people love their king, truly inspiring.




Punyapiroje, C., Morrison, M., Hoy, M.G. (2002) ‘A Nation Under the Influence: The Creative Strategy Process for Advertising in Thailand’, Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, vol. 24(2), pp. 51 -65