Invading The Media (week 9 blog)


A good ad is not about just having a creative idea or the best execution. A good ad is also about maximising the usage of various media channels.

Back when I was working in an advertising agency, I participated in awards competition where we were given a brief to create an integrated marketing campaign, either using various media channels or using various digital media for maximum consumer experience, that would eventually be submitted in 24 hours. It was difficult, to say the least. But when you look at the winners’ campaign, they really did great in maximising various media usage, albeit in limited capabilities.

Barry (2016) simply explained that integrated is an idea translated into a various form of communication or media (p. 256), but I think this video explains further about the whole concept:


Now, let’s talk about example.

The example of the first image above is Bonds’ The Boys campaign. The image has some few details about the campaign. However, it would be better if you see some more details in this case study video

This video detailed some of the media that the brand used (YouTube and Facebook) and how they utilised them to their best. Furthermore, they also had a brilliant Out of Home media usage that you can see here

Again, I cannot emphasise how brilliant this media usage is. The execution itself was ballsy (pun intended) and strong insight as well. No wonder this campaign won a silver in last year’s Cannes Lions awards.



Barry, P (2016) The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later, 3rd ed. London: Thames & Hudson