Get Your Ideas Ready! (Week 3 Blog)

“Advertising is a business of ideas.” – (Roman and Maas, 2013)

This quote above, taken from Roman and Maas’ How to Advertise, is something that I wholeheartedly concur. When I first entered the advertising industry three years ago, all I knew about advertising was about selling products. Later on, I learned that the products can only sell if you have an excellent big idea for every advertising or campaigns that work for the clients.




As David Ogilvy himself said above, “Big Idea” must be present in every form of your advertising. You can write the best copy or craft the best art direction, but you won’t gain attention if you don’t have the big idea behind your creation.

However, most creatives often struggle the most in this area. Finding the “Big Idea” often feels like finding a needle in a haystack. Roman and Mass (2013) suggests that ‘brainstorming’ as a solution to find the idea, where we throw ideas upon each other without judging to finally narrow it down to be the most implementable one.

I agree that ‘brainstorming’ works, but sometimes people forget the insight or the proposition of the brief. Of course, you can throw your ideas toward each other, but when you forget the original proposition, not only you won’t be able to find the “Big Idea”, you also won’t be able to go home on time because you will spend the night working overtime to find it (yes, it happened to me)



Roman, K. and Maas, J. (2013) How To Advertise: What Works, What Doesn’t – and Why, 3rd ed., London: Kogan Page