So, Listen to the Radio (week 6 blog)

When we talk about copy in advertising, we often refer to headlines and body copy of print ads. However, as good as the copy may sound in a print ad, it has to be balanced with a context or visual that tells the story.




What about radio? Personally, I think radio is the best platform that fully utilises the greatness of copy in advertising. Radio is an intimate medium, it possesses a different relationship with the audience as they are truly captive when listening to the radio (Barry, 2016, p. 247). And with that, the copy of radio ad fully occupies the audiences’ mind, taking them to imagine things that they may have never imagined before.

One of the things that radio can deliver best is humour via incongruity resolution, where our expectation is deviated (via the story presented) and then resolved (with the product) (Flaherty, Weinberger, and Gulas, 2004, p. 26)

An example that is quite recent is this radio ad for Durex. This ad won a Bronze for radio category in Citra Pariwara, Indonesia’s advertising award. Go listen to it and I’m sure you won’t expect the twist and it will make you at least chuckle (it did for me).



Barry, P. (2016) The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later, 3rd ed. London: Thames & Hudson

Flaherty, K., Weinberger, M.G., Gulas, C.S. (2004) ‘The Impact of Perceived Humor, Product Type, and Humor Style in Radio Advertising’  Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, vol. 26(1), pp. 25-36


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