Take A Leap or Fall (week 4 blog)


source: theawesomeworld.tumblr.com


Creating advertisement is a tough business. Not because it is hard work, but because we already have so many ads in the world right now that it has become increasingly difficult to create one that does not look like any other ads.

Additionally, the world also seems to be getting tired of ads. Newman (2003) points out that the audience themselves are getting tired of ads because they see it everywhere; from TV, radio, magazines, bus ticket, even toilet door (p. 24)

With these two obstacles in mind, our job as advertisers now can be summed up as: “Create an ad that no one else has ever created and seen before and make them attracted to it.”

Taking a creative leap to overcome those two obstacles is not an easy task, and to do so you need not only a creative execution but the proper insight as well. This article, written by Avi Dan for Forbes, sums up the reasons why insight is important. I also believe that insight is the key that gives birth to an idea because, in the end, we are targeting ourselves. Advertisers are both producers and consumers of ads. We create ads that resonate with the consumers because we think and feel the same like them not just because it’s cool to create.

Take the Dumb Ways to Die campaign for example.

At first glance, its colourful characters contrasting with gruesome elements in it attracts a lot of people. Its insight is the fact that most people act dumb around train stations that lead to fatal accidents. The way this campaign was relayed and the way it resonates with millions of people is an evidence how this campaign took a creative leap from your boring public service ads, even the results of this campaign speak for itself.



Newman, M. (2003) Creative Leaps: 10 Lessons in Effective Advertising Inspired at Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore: John Wiley & Sons


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