MDIA5021 – Week 2 Blog

In his article, Chessick (2005) mentions that there are two different types of creativity: Developmental creativity, which produces good art but lacks an “essential element”; and the other one is genius creativity, which is something exceptionally “rare and extraordinary” that it has become rather difficult to define (pp. 8-9)

One can consider that advertising itself is similar to art; there are creative ads, and then there are the ones that are exceptionally good and mindblowing. However, I don’t think it is that simple to categorize the creativity of commercial ads as being in those two binaries.

According to qualitative findings by Koslow et al, many agency practitioners consider three aspects critical for creativity: strategy, originality, and artistry (Nyilasy & Canniford, 2013, p.1694)

I agree with these aspects because they are the foundation of a good ad that solves both the client’s problems, giving the agency’s much-coveted recognition, and proliferated through the masses.

One fine example that I found is this ad campaign from Indonesia for the mineral water brand, Aqua. Not only does it tackle the client’s objective (exceeding target sales), it is also original and executed brilliantly with its own aesthetics.  You can check the case study below, and if you ever need to gather your focus to create a good creative ad, just remember #AdaAqua and drink one.



Chessick, R.D. (2005), ‘What Grounds Creativity?’ Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry, 33(1), pp. 7-27

Nyilasy, G. and Canniford, R. (2013), ‘Ad Agency Professionals’ Mental Models of Advertising Creativity’ European Journal of Marketing, 47(10), pp. 1691 – 1710


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