MDIA5021 – Week 1 Blog

How do you define creative advertising? Is it the ones that effectively sell the products? Or the ones that captivate the audience? I think it’s a combination of both. And when I think about of creative advertising, I can’t seem to escape from the thoughts of advertising award shows. These award shows are supposed to showcase the best creative ideas and the creative minds that created them. However, do people, and by people I mean the general public, care about the ads in the award shows?

It has been said that advertising’s role is to grab consumers’ attention, make them interested and desire the product, and eventually take action, as has been stipulated by the AIDA method (Alstiel and Grow, 2013, pp. 14-15). Unfortunately, the ads in the award show in my home country Indonesia, which is Citra Pariwara, don’t seem to be interested in gaining consumers’ action to buy the products. As exemplified by this ad below, it uses a foreign language (English) that most Indonesians will struggle in understanding it.

I can relate to it, but can the consumers relate to it too?

image source:

Certainly, it’s good if your ad could win an award for its creative idea execution, but isn’t our task as advertisers should be getting our target market to eventually purchase the product? Like Barry said, “think hard, sell soft” (Barry, 2016, p.14) which is the most ideal form of advertising. For me, this layer of subtlety should also be imbued with local context, which in this case is language, for local consumers to understand. Because if they can’t understand the product you’re selling, who would buy them?



Alstiel, T and Grow, J., (2013) Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy, Design, Thousand Oaks: Sage

Barry, P (2016) The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later, 3rd ed. London: Thames & Hudson


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